The Poraj Company and the garden farm ‘The World of Plants specialise in organising green areas, their nurturing and the production of ornamentals. The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with a wide range of products and services. Therefore, we are constantly developing and extending the scope of our activity.

The company was founded on 27th April 1988 by master engineer Wawrzyniec Zieliński. The range of services included mostly cutting down trees. A year later the owner made a decision to develop the company, to employ workers and to extend the range of services.

The garden farm ‘The World of Plants’ started in Wawrów in 2004. Two greenhouses, the production and the trade one, foil tunnel and the economic back were built.

The farm occupies the area of 50 000 m2 including 3000m2 under covers.

On its area you can find:
  • • 2000m2 production greenhouse
  • • trading greenhouse, shelter and compartments
  • • patches for plants allocated for trade
  • • a partly glazed building designed for a cafe
  • Mini ZOO